MSP was founded in 2017 by Portland Oregon native Alexander Melson. MSP is a platform where all athletes can train to take their natural abilities to the "next level". Servicing athletes from the greater portland area and beyond MSP provides in depth, appropriate training programs in group and individual settings   


Coach Melson 


Alexander Melson is a 27 year old portland native who has passion for sport and athletics. The love and passion was cultivated in NE portland where he competed and trained for multiple sports. Graduating from Grant highschool as a standout athlete Melson pursued a bachelors of science in Exercise Science minoring in Health at Western Oregon University. Since graduating from WOU Melson has applied his knowledge here in Portland. Working in multiple athletic settings Melson has worked with numerous athletes in team, group, and individual settings since 2013. Melson founded MSP to develop the minds and bodies of athletes of all ages and skill sets.